Lincoln’s Dilemma (Apple TV+ Series Based on David S. Reynolds’ “Abe”)

“‘Lincoln’s Dilemma’ should be required viewing for every American. Its subtle and multifaceted analysis of Lincoln’s predicament, and his reactions to it, make it as compelling as it is constructive.”

            —The Daily Beast

“While there’s no shortage of Abraham Lincoln biographies out there, very few trace the former president’s evolution on the issue of slavery as closely and compassionately as Lincoln’s Dilemma. Even the most devoted amateur historians will learn something new from this series…. Journalists, historians, organizers, and activists all lend their thoughts to enliven the series, based on historian David S. Reynolds’ award-winning book, Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times.


“A dramatic and compelling watch….Lincoln’s Dilemma takes an unflinching look at Lincoln’s role in the abolition of slavery in America, and isn’t shy about criticizing him, or at least putting his role — and his conflicted politics — in the right context.


“Lincoln’s Dilemma,” a four-part, four-hour miniseries on Apple TV+,  is every bit as ambitious, every bit as technically proficient and every bit as thought-provoking as Ken Burns’ 1990 epic “The Civil War” — the gold standard. It also has one heck of a compelling story to share. Based on David S. Reynolds’ book “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,” what makes “Lincoln’s Dilemma” so interesting is in the way it uses historical context and, often, Lincoln’s own words to nudge aside the myth and instead provide an honest, unflinching yet respectful assessment of the human being behind it.


“Apple TV+’s “Lincoln’s Dilemma,” the four-part saga of Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to deal with the issue of slavery, comes richly detailed both in its portrait of the president’s character and that of the nation itself…The docuseries is at its best, dramatically speaking, in its history of all that led to the outbreak of the Civil War—a concise narrative that succeeds in capturing the tone and flavor of the times, and, not least, the battles, including that of Fort Sumner.”

               — Wall Street Journal

“Eye-opening, morally complex and thought provoking. The docuseries Lincoln’s Dilemma is based on award-winning historian David S. Reynolds’ non-fiction book, Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times. The adaptation takes a “holistic” view of the Lincoln lore as the “Great Emancipator.”… Expansive and richly detailed.”


“Based on a book written by historian David S. Reynolds and narrated by Jeffrey Wright,  this interesting and insightful docuseries challenges the myths surrounding Abraham Lincoln and his role in ending slavery in the United States.”

              —Common Sense Media

“’Lincoln’s Dilemma’ is must-watch viewing. Based on David S. Reynolds’ book, “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,” filmmakers Barak Goodman and Jacqueline Olive don’t succumb to mere idol worship. They paint a warts-and-all portrait of a complex man who evolved to win a war and preserve a union, while highlighting hidden figures like covert efforts by Henry Jarvis and Harriet Tubman.”

              —WTOP News

“Based on historian David S. Reynolds’ award-winning book, “Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,” the series, “Lincoln’s Dilemma,” features insights from journalists, educators and scholars, as well as rare archival materials, that offer a more nuanced look into the life of the Great Emancipator.”

                —Christian Post

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“Based on David S. Reynolds’s cultural biography of the former president, Lincoln’s Dilemma is a work which seeks to understand the titan of American history within the context of his own time, tracing his evolution on slavery to better understand his part in unifying America, and in doing so offering a nuanced picture of a man often flattened by history.

A viewer’s comment on “Lincoln’s Dilemma”:

“I don’t write fan letters very often but I feel compelled to do so again now. I have read at least 70 books on the war yet ‘Lincoln’s Dilemma’ was all new. I am deeply moved in every single episode, start to finish. I am moved by this series like never before. Seeing your wonderful series has given me hope. We still have the ability to grow if we are willing to dedicate ourselves to truth and honor our own moral compass. In this time of rampant dishonesty, greed, and well, stupidity, there are people like you who still have that heart, that greatness. And you too are now one of my heroes.”-Curtis Kelly

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