Audio Books

Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times, narrated by Leon Jackson

Best yet. I have read many books on Lincoln but never one that captured his personality and the culture and times he lived as well as ‘Abe.I also enjoyed the narrator, who read with feeling.-Thomas McGuire

This book should be a mandatory read for all Americans and is highly recommended to anyone seeking an understanding of the American experience and a historical context as a foundation to understand current events.–Dr. Harold R. Winton

Magnificent Biography. David Reynolds’s Abe is the best (merely human) biography I’ve ever read & it has greatly deepened my appreciation of the American Civil War. It is incredibly researched, richly nuanced, and flowingly erudite. Richly deserving of the Lincoln Award.” –Martin Hall

John Brown, Abolitionist, narrated by P. J. Ochlan




“Maybe my favorite nonfiction book.  This book changed me. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Listen and be changed, too.” Aledenan A. Uonopk

“Brilliant! Amazing man. Amazing story. Amazing audiobook. Very interesting. Well done. He is a true American hero. It is great to read from the top few people who broke the back of the slave institution in the USA.” -Bryan

“Absolutely fantastic!! WOW, what a great book, essential reading. Brown’s story highlights the difference between him and the other abolitionist of his era in that be actually believed NOT just in the abolition of slavery but in real equality. Brown actually liked, admired and lived with black Americans. This makes him a singular figure in the history of that era.  The book is beautifully written and narrated, a must listen for all Americans to learn about this great American hero.” –-Peter Riley


Walt Whitman’s America, narrated by John Lescault







“Simply Superb. Superb and engrossing, a full and culturally based depiction of the gray bearded artist of the word. Thorough, interesting and a most welcome read. Narration excellent and Whitman comes alive. Many thanks, and good reading be yours, my Audible friends. Ernie.” –Ernest C. Lisi

Waking Giant, narrated by Arthur Morey








“An unmitigated delight.”

–Douglas Brinkley, Washington Post Book World







Beneath the American Renaissance, narrated by John Lescault



Mightier than the Sword, narrated by Daniel May

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